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"Respecting the concerns of clients and valuing creative collaborations."

Effective Project Manager for deluxe residence redevelopment
Anderson Road, Sai Kung

Driving a time critical project to a successful completion
We took up the role as Project Manager in the middle stage of the redevelopment project on Anderson Road with the challenge of a tight schedule. While the foundation work was still in progress, the Deed required the project to be completed within one year. We secured extensions of the completion date in the building covenant, to allow time for proper project execution. With improved management, our experienced project manager pulled together the team resources and stringently monitored the project progress in every detail, to ensure each task was completed according to the revised schedule. We were proud to deliver the time critical project on the revised timeline and on budget with high quality work to the client’s satisfaction.

Tailoring solutions in complex land matters
The redevelopment project involved complex land matters, with mandatory requirements attached to the lease terms. We were required to deal with the safety of the adjacent slope, and restore part of site to fit public road extension plans within a short period of time. We were also obliged to meet the landscape requirements and strictly bound by tree felling restrictions, which might have affected the project progress. We quickly responded and formed a task force with respective experts like transport engineers, landscape architects and arborists, and focused our efforts on the required tasks for completion within the required timeframe.

Delivering results quickly and effectively with a full team of experts
Backed by a full team of experienced professionals, with experts in building design, structural engineering, surveying, project management, E&M, QS, landscaping and geotechnical engineering, we were able to draw on all the resources and expertise required in a fast-responsive and collaborative manner, to drive the demanding project to a successful completion.