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What Gives Us Pride
"Respecting the concerns of clients and valuing creative collaborations."

Resourceful Solution-provider for residential redevelopment
Barbecue Villa, 17 Miles, Castle Peak Road

Professional advice in the client’s best interest
"To renovate or redevelop?” was the first and most important question that we had to provide an answer for the client who bought an old low rise residence. According to preliminary information, renovation was a safe recommendation that most professionals would likely put forward. We studied the lease documents, outline zoning plan, layout plans, Buildings Ordinance and all related documents, and with full confidence, we advised the client to redevelop the property of 4,500 sq. ft. GFA to build a new house of 9,700 sq. ft. GFA. The client gladly accepted our advice.

Thinking out of the box to solve legacy issues
A lot of problems needed to be tackled for this redevelopment. We added an internal sprinkler system to meet Fire Service requirements, as the access road was not wide enough for fire engines to use. To deal with the lack of public sewers, we added a sewage treatment plant in our design plan. The legacy issue of uncertain boundaries of the plot was most controversial and had once halted site formation work. After a detailed study of the site boundaries information, we persistently approached the government departments concerned to correct the issue, and eventually had the plot boundaries officially set by the authority and proceeded with the redevelopment plan.

Always aiming to create value for our clients
We went the extra mile to look into every possibility to create value for our client. Our new design changed the original 4,500 sq. ft. 2-storey house to a 9,700 sq. ft. 3-storey deluxe residence of over 50 feet in height and with new facilities including a carport and swimming pool. Our client was particularly delighted with the full sea view he could enjoy from the top floor of the new house.

“Despite the many issues involved and the extra effort required in handling regulations and procedures, we managed to obtain all necessary approvals on time. The redevelopment was well on schedule.” Kevin, our Project Director, remarked.