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What Gives Us Pride
"Respecting the concerns of clients and valuing creative collaborations."

Proactive Problem-solver for telecom facilities development
Ngau Hom Shek, Yuen Long

A simple yet complicated project
Contrary to initial expectations, the design and installation of a mobile phone base station involved many issues and parties, like the Antiquities and Monument Office (AMO), village representatives, OFTA, District Board members, ancestral halls, the Buildings Department, the Town Planning Board and Lands Department.…” said Crystal, our Deputy Director, speaking of the installation project of a crucial base station to cover and service the Western Corridor area.

Providing proactive solutions
Unlike other mobile phone station projects, this particular installation project in the Western part of the New Territories required approval from AMO as the chosen location was on an AMO regulated site. Additionally, the site work was stopped at the initial stage due to strong opposition from the villagers nearby for Feng Shui issues, despite the fact that statutory approval had been granted and all formal notices served. Understanding the importance of this particular station in the network, we were determined to tackle this problem for our client. We initiated the site relocation, found three other technically feasible sites nearby and obtained our client’s consent.

Communication is the key to success
Concerned parties like villagers, ancestral hall representatives, District Board members and the OFTA were invited to take part in the site selection process. We spent much effort to communicate and coordinate among all the parties. We listened to their concerns and addressed to the issues raised. As the final site is near a Green Belt, we also addressed issues of environmental concern by adjusting the exact location and size of the station. We explained our proposals in detail and finally led all the parties to an agreement on the new location and technical design.

"It was really challenging but I enjoyed it a lot. The station has been in operation since 2011 and its antenna is the highest in Hong Kong" said Crystal.