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What Gives Us Pride
"Respecting the concerns of clients and valuing creative collaborations."

Creative Value-maker for a large-scale renovation project
Villa Rocha, Happy Valley

Caring about every detail in client’s requirements
When we were invited to pitch for the renovation project of Villa Rocha, we fully understood that the prospective client had high requirements. Over the past few years, the Incorporated Owners of Villa Rocha attended several trial appointments with other companies but was unable find a consultant they considered suitable for the large-scale renovation project of their entire housing estate after. At our first meeting with the representatives from the Incorporated Owners, we made sure to pay attention to every detail of the requirements they put forward and aimed to work out a solution that would completely satisfy all of their needs.

Providing conceptual designs that are practicable for construction
Our dedicated team put forth their best effort and was able to deliver the first draft of the architectural design within one month, a short period of time for a project of such scale. While our proposed plan stressed a conceptual design, we had thought through every item and detail to ensure it was feasible and executable in all technical aspects, from material use to process control, and from costs to structural safety. Upon submission, the first draft was accepted and approved by the client with no major amendments.

Seeking every possibility to create value for our client
Our Project Director, Kevin So, clearly remembers this project case, especially the initiative we took to recommend to the client the relocation of the housing estate’s main entrance, which was beyond their stated requirements. We recommended altering the entrance to setting back the boundary wall in order to provide more spacious pavement for visitors and pedestrians, and a wider and safer school bus drop-off zone. The proposed plan was overwhelmingly welcomed and accepted as it offered extra convenience and safety to the occupants and their families.

case quote
Kevin recalled, “After seeing parents picking up their children from the school bus in a more spacious and safer area, all the extra effort spent was worthwhile. It felt really great to see that the project had brought a better living environment for the entire housing estate, and at the same time, substantial appreciation in its market value.”